Bible Interpretation Class

Friday and Saturday November 20/21 from 8am – 3pm
Cost $20.  Maximum of 10 students.

This class uses the built-in structure of the words of the Pentateuch to teach how the invisible and ordered cosmos is reflected in the visible and manifested cosmos humans experience every day. When the Bible is accurately interpreted, the Old and New Testaments are seen as an integrated story of the cosmos as an echo of its original making.

Humans are made to play their part in its conception, maintenance and reformation. This defines their purpose: to be Elohim ‘mighty ones’ that live to tell the story of Yahweh ‘He Who Will Be.’ Jesus Christ is the Perfector of Torah. He shows how the human body is perfected through resurrection. He is the harvester of body, soul and spirit that return to El as eternal and immortal beings.

Please bring a brown bag lunch, as well as a notebook and a pen/pencil for notes. Handouts will be provided.

Dr. Dale Wong is the author of the book, The Ancient 360 Day Year, about the change in length of the year during the reign of King Hezekiah.

Bible Interpretation Class (Nov 2020)
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