Affirmative Healing

Myrtle Fillmore actively sought to heal herself from illness and free her children from the confines of her limited beliefs. She chose to go within and connect to God. In her book “Healing Letters” she shares her stories and practices of what happens when we actively connect to the Divine within.

She healed from Tuberculosis using affirmative prayer and reaching out in deep apology and love to every organ in her body. She became aware the energy that flowed through her was infinitely good and fueled by uncontaminated love. She loved prayer and healing so much she began what she referred to as “Healing Treatments.” These treatments were simple, affirmative prayer and affirmations to those desiring resolution to the problems they were holding on to.

At a time such as this, I am truly grateful that our founders have paved the way for us to step into who we believe we truly are. A Divine Child of God. Perfect and whole. It can be hard to look at this situation as an illusion or to not fall victim to it. However, it serves as a reminder of what we can create and manifest as well as shift and change.

Fear teaches us being afraid is a necessity and we are supposed to be afraid and see the reality of chaos, illness and drama. However, if we choose that reality we will only know what to fear! If we can center ourselves and know there is nothing on God’s earth to fear and we are already healed and whole our reality shifts into a state of truth, faith and goodness.

As we spend our energy on doing, thinking and being our true nature we will find the virus will be unable to exists in a positive, thriving environment and the less attention given to it the less likely it will be able to survive.

This does not mean to not be mindful or run around breathing into everyone’s personal space. Mostly, because everyone doesn’t know their potential power and it would be wrong for us to impose our beliefs onto them. It would also mean we aren’t living fully into our Divine nature. 

Be mindful, yet practice a gazillion times a day seeing yourself and the world as free, happy and healed and you will experience great change and your light will help to ignite the light in others.

“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.” Jesus

Rev. Sharon