Tyler Unity Center Sunday Lesson “Chemicalization” (10 April 2022)

Chemicalization is the inner conflict of resistance when moving towards our spiritual growth. This is the space of discomfort because we are consciously moving towards new growth. It is the pivotal moment in which we choose to move forward or stay in what we already know. In this lesson Rev. Sharon shares the importance of not resisting the process and choosing to move forward toward our spiritual unfoldment.

Tyler Unity Center Sunday Lesson “Inclusivity” (6 February 2022)

As part of Unity we pride ourselves on our inclusivity, our oneness and our divine connection. Unity is a place where people look to heal from religious trauma. We are accepting to all religions; however, we have a tendency to trash talk traditional Christianity. In this lesson Rev. Sharon invites us to allow a space for traditional Christianity so we can begin our own healing.

Tyler Unity Center Sunday Lesson “Joy of Receiving” (21 November 2021)

It is always wonderful to receive a gift. Although, many times we hold back being the recipient. We can give freely. We can even want to receive but sometimes it is just not easy. Regardless of what it is, if it keeps you from receiving ANYTHING you are living a lie! You are God's perfect child therefore lack is not a spiritual law in the universe. Enjoy this lesson as Rev. Sharon inspires you to embrace abundant living through the law of receiving!

Tyler Unity Center Sunday Lesson “Equilibrium” (7 November 2021)

Our theme for November is Gratitude in Giving - There is a wonderful balance when we faithfully know we already have all that we need and our desires are already manifests. However, there have been many times when we take more than we need just because we can. This creates a lack mindset. When we are in greed we are unable give generously and it limits our ability to receive.

Tyler Unity Center Sunday Lesson “What the Heal?!” (10 October 2021)

We have a tendency to fight against illness and unhappiness. What if instead of trying to fight to repair it we stepped into the energy field of the desired outcome. In this lesson Rev. Sharon discusses the possibility or living in faith of being whole instead of fighting to heal the illness itself.

Tyler Unity Center Sunday Lesson “Clean Out Your Closet” (3 October 2021)

Have you ever been stuck, depressed or tired? If so, perhaps it is time to clean out your closet. Many times our homes or offices need to be cleaned out. When we start to move, eliminate and clean in the physical world it clears our minds to help us better understand what we need to do. This lesson helps us better understand how decluttering our space can help us better see what our next step towards growth can be.

Tyler Unity Center Sunday Lesson “I See You” (19 September 2021)

I See You, part three of the series Finding God, Rev. Sharon shares why we need to "See" God in others. When we can see others through the lens of love we can recognize not only their divinity but "See" the gift they are bring to us by being a mirror of what we need to change.

Tyler Unity Center Sunday Lesson “Is That You God?” (5 September 2021)

We often argue with our inner guidance discouraged and untrusting. In this first part of the series Finding God, Rev. Sharon explains the world is a reflection of our inner thoughts that are often not based on our connection with God. With faith we can change ourselves by following our intuition and be the changers of the world.

Tyler Unity Center Sunday Lesson “The Unity Trinity” (15 August 2021)

Christian religions have the Trinity, Father, Son, Holy Spirit. Unity also believes in the Trinity that ties us with God. The difference is we don't come from a place of separation, but of connection and wholeness. The Unity Trinity is explained as Divine Mind, Divine Idea and Divine Expression.

Tyler Unity Center Sunday Lesson “Spiritual Bypass” (11 July 2021)

We have a desire to live in a world of comfort and instant gratification. We will avoid discomfort at all cost. Our avoidance can cause addictions, illness, poverty and relationship issues. However, we don't always see that as a problem but as a solution to not be any more uncomfortable than we already are. When we are making decisions on avoidance we are doing what is referred to as a Spiritual Bypass. In this lesson we learn what actions we might be taking that are bypassing our spiritual growth.

Tyler Unity Center Sunday Lesson “Inner Dialogue” (20 June 2021)

In Unity we practice the Five-Step Prayer Process as well as daily affirmations. We sometimes get stuck or confused because the process doesn't seem to work or we can't push through the barrier of negative thinking. It can become very frustrating to practice something we are trying to believe in and to not see the results we are working towards. Our inner dialogue plays a very important role in our ability to heal the situation utilizing affirmative prayer.

Tyler Unity Center Sunday Lesson “Feeling Your Emotions” (13 June 2021)

As spiritual beings we often get confused about our feelings and our emotions. We have assumed since we focus on affirmative prayer that it is wrong to feel what we perceive to be negative emotions. In this lesson Rev. Sharon discusses the healing benefit when we allow ourselves to feel our true feelings.

Tyler Unity Center Sunday Lesson “Spiritual Practices” (25 Apr 2021)

Most of us have daily spiritual practices. They may include prayer, meditation, day visioning, journaling, forgiveness or something else. In these practices are we mindful of what we are doing or are we doing them out of habit? In this lesson Rev. Sharon reminds us how to pay attention if we are being mindful or habitual.

Tyler Unity Center Sunday Lesson “The Downer Family” (18 Apr 2021)

Sometimes we succumb to the negative beliefs of our family's stories and in doing so it pulls our spiritual energy down. We all know the Downers and the Whiners but are their stories the ones we want to build upon? In this lesson Rev. Sharon reminds us that these old stories are illusions and it is okay to let them go.

Sunday Lesson “Gratitude” (19 April 2020)

This lesson, presented Rev. Sharon, is about lifting your spirit up in gratitude. Gratitude shifts the energy from being sad or depressed to creating a more positive outlook on life's situations.

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