TUC Happenings “Trusting Your Intuition”

The latest TUC Happenings video is packed with exciting updates. Rev. Sharon shares details about the upcoming "Trusting Your Intuition" workshop taking place this Saturday. Plus, the Tuesday Book Study class has selected an intriguing new book and movie for everyone to enjoy. And, this Sunday's service topic is "Principal Before Personality," which promises to spark some interesting discussions. Get ready for an action-packed week ahead!

TUC Happenings “Trusting Your Intuition”2023-03-01T11:40:58-06:00

TUC Happenings “Ash Wednesday Meditation”

Join Rev. Sharon in this video as she discusses upcoming events, reflects on the significance of Ash Wednesday, and leads a brief guided meditation. Whether you're a long-time member or new to our community, this video offers a wonderful opportunity to deepen your connection with your faith and community.

TUC Happenings “Ash Wednesday Meditation”2023-02-22T12:15:21-06:00

TUC Happenings “Soothing Scents”

Join Rev. Sharon in this informative video as she highlights the exciting events and opportunities on the horizon, including the New Member's class, the Membership Meeting, and a variety of incense options from Spiritual Inspiration. Get ready for a spiritually uplifting experience!

TUC Happenings “Soothing Scents”2023-02-08T14:14:41-06:00

TUC Happenings “BE A STAR!”

In this TUC Happenings Rev. Sharon talks about upcoming classes, Cowboy Southwest themed potluck, making a commercial, and wonderful offering in Spiritual Inspirations.

TUC Happenings “BE A STAR!”2023-01-18T15:21:30-06:00

TUC Happenings “Unity History”

Exciting classes and events, membership meeting, Goodies at Spiritual Inspirations and more Unity background on Sunday!

TUC Happenings “Unity History”2023-01-11T13:39:27-06:00

TUC Happenings “New YEAR and NEW Happenings”

The New Year is here and we are excited. Annual Membership meeting in March, New classes and on Sundays this month we will be talking about the foundations, practices and beliefs of Unity.

TUC Happenings “New YEAR and NEW Happenings”2023-01-04T12:46:56-06:00

TUC Happenings – Happy New Year!

Out With The Old And In With The New Release the past with the Burning Bowl Ceremony and create your intention for the New Year. Our talk for Sunday is on Spiritual Commitment.

TUC Happenings – Happy New Year!2022-12-28T16:04:49-06:00

TUC Happenings – Holiday Joy

In this episode of TUC happenings, Rev. Sharon discusses the Christmas open house and the events of the Christmas service.

TUC Happenings – Holiday Joy2022-12-20T12:08:38-06:00
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