COVID Church Attendance Survey (July 2020)

This survey is intended for Tyler Unity Center members. We are just gathering information. We will still continue to hold online classes and make Sunday lesson videos, so please don’t worry about those things being discontinued.


COVID Church Attendance Survey
Are you a member of Tyler Unity Center?
Would you attend church under the following conditions?
* Masks Mandatory
* Social Distancing Mandatory (No Hugging)
* Limit of 10 people
* 30 Minute simple service - prayer, meditation and lesson
* Signing up in advance
We are currently looking at these multiple services on Sunday and perhaps other days. Which of these would interest you?
I will continue to participate onine until I feel it is safe to do otherwise.
Would you prefer to be in a group where people have been self isolating?
Do you go out but take precautions?
Do you socialize in groups larger than 10 without wearing masks?