Messages from the Otherside

We’re very happy you’ve decided to explore the unknown and possibly take part in a future session at Tyler Unity Center.  This is the information we like to share with folks:

“The next 90 minutes should prove to be very interesting.  Hopefully you know why you’re here, and if you’re a guest of someone who has brought you here, they may not have told you exactly what to expect while you’re here.

You’re about to take part in a Group Channeling session.  Different intuitives follow different schedules and plans, but this is how Rev. Sharon conducts her sessions.  First off, Rev. Sharon will talk to you about the rules, what is expected of you and what you should expect to take with you when you leave.  She’ll provide you with some brief instructions, explain to you that not everyone will receive information, and that you’re not allowed to leave until the session has been completed.  After that, you’ll be asked to participate in a prayer followed by an “Oming”.  Oming helps to set the energy of the room and helps to open the channels.  Immediately after the Oming, the session will begin.  The session will last for approximately 70-80 minutes.  During that time, you’re welcome to visit the restrooms, but we kindly ask that you not actually leave the building.”

Please see below for our friendly rules.

Simple and Easy to Follow Rules

  • Once the session begins, we kindly ask that you not leave.  You may use the restroom, but please do not leave the building.
  • Please do not “purse plunder” or dig in your purse.  If you need candy or cough drops, please get them before the session.
  • Do not wander about or stand.
  • No seat saving.  Please arrive early to ensure you are able to sit.
  • As Sharon’s senses are heightened during the session, we ask that you do not talk amongst yourselves as it disrupts Rev. Sharon.
  • If you have intuitive abilities, please do not share them.
  • Do not assist Rev. Sharon during her session by “sharing” or sending her energy.
  • If you put yourself in a bubble, please limit the bubble to yourself.
  • Do not invite unknown spirits or entities to channeling sessions.
  • Do not yell or speak harshly at Rev. Sharon, or demand the information belongs to you.
  • No one under 12 allowed.