Metaphysical Bible Interpretation

Tuesdays November 15 – December 13
6:15pm Crider Hall

$45 for whole class or $10 per week

This introductory class is an invaluable resource to the Unity student! In this class you will learn how to understand the literacy of the scriptures and their spiritual meanings as opposed to the literal interpretations of the western world.

If you are uncomfortable with utilizing the Bible based on past teachings and beliefs, this class can help bring about a better understanding by dismantling the misconceptions of literal interpretations.

The following books are recommended resources that will be used in the class.

The Metaphysical Bible Dictionary by Charles Fillmore
The Revealing Word by Charles Fillmore
The New Revised Standard Version Bible.  We will be interpreting from this version.

Please show up on time and bring a notebook and writing instruments. Contact Rev. Sharon if interested.

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