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Online Classes

See the Calendar for a list of all classes.

ZOOM Classes 

We are continuing to support you with online classes via ZOOM. You will need a “ZOOM invite” for EACH class. ZOOM invite’s are not interchangeable and cannot be reused. You can use your cell phone or tablet or computer. But you will need to have download the ZOOM app prior to class time.

To download the ZOOM APP go here and choose the format for the device you are using.

Please join us for Sunday School or any of the book studies by contacting the person(s) listed below.

Sunday School – 9:30am – 10:30am

In the Flow of Life by Eric Butterworth
Chat opens at 9:00am

Heartful Meditation is a one-hour meditation period where everyone focuses on the source of the light in the heart.

Tuesday Book Study – 10am-12pm
Living the Law of One – By Carla Rueckert

Beginning June 17
Happy Hour – The Joy of Metaphysics 11am
This class will cover a variety of topics and information from New Age to Unity! FUN FUN FUN!


Friday Book Stud 1:30pm
Power vs Force by David Hawkins


TYLER UNITY BOOKSTORE  has a direct link to the AMAZON website that will allow you to purchase anything online and Amazon will give Tyler Unity a small donation for the sale. We hope this program will be useful to everyone this season and in the future.